Tour Of Duty

Learn about the Coast Guard Chief Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo And His Outstanding Tour Of Duty. Know everything about Wilfredo Tamayo, his tour of duty and other great men as well.

Some PCG international partnerships include Human Resource Development (HRD) program of the Coast Guard Education and Training Command (CGETC) in cooperation with other cognizant agencies, and partner nations such as Japan, Sweden, United States of America, Australia, Malta, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Korea, and other countries in terms of individual schooling or training, cross-training programs, conduct of combined training exercises and areas of cooperation in SAR, marine environmental protection, information exchange and technical assistance, among others.

C - apacity Building Measures

O - perating Environment Awareness 

A - ggresive Training and Recruitment

S - trategic Deplotments and Visibility

T - otal Vigilance and Preparedness


G - rowth in Service and Support Systems

U - nity of Action through Partnerships

A - ccountable Finance and Logistics Systems

R - esponsible Maritime Governance

D - evelopment of Doctrines and Maritime Regimes

"Savings Lives, Safeguarding Marine Resources, Securing Shipping, SERVING OUR NATION"

It is said that the key ingredients in the effective performance of agency functions are the ability and commitment of its leaders or unit commanders to manage its activities responsibly taking into consideration the vital mission the unit has to perform against the reality of very modest budgetary resources and rigid fiscal and accounting regulations. To achieve this, the following actions are considered priorities: The Command will continue to embark on programs and activities that will further enhance the morale and welfare of Coast Guard personnel.

Continuing implementation of programs that will enhance operational efficiency through systems improvement and avoidance of wasteful pratieces.

International partnerships established by the PCG during the incumbency of Admiral Tamayo as the CPCG.

Ensuring the preparedness of PCG Deployable Response Group assets for disaster response. Admiral Tamayo joins Hon Senator Gordon in the test run of the Red Cross amphibious vehicle launched through the HPCG Slipway along Manila Bay.

Ensuring the high state of readiness of PCG surface, sub-surface, and air assets supported by agressive Coast Guard personnel training, sound maintenance and repair program, credible finance and logistics system, and corresponding doctrines development.

PCG continues to establish partnership and collaboration with other government agencies, local government units, non-government organizations, maritime industry associations, private sectors to achieve common interests and objectives.

Personnel and equipment readiness are evaluated through actual demonstrations or exercises in appropriare areas open to the public for viewing. Every demonstration or exercise does not only enhance PCG confidence building measures but aids in the orhanization's capacity building measures by honing the skills and teamwork of personnel.

The Specialized Medical Assistance Response Teamhave actively participated in disaster response and training activities around the country. The SMART has trained not only PCG personnel but likewise personnel from the other uniformed services, government agencies, and local government units. The TF SMART is a vital component of the PCG's Deployable Response Group or DRG.

Finance and logisticts are the very lifeblood of any operation. Without a good finance and logistics support system, to conduct of promt and sustained Coast Guard operations will not be possible. With the end view of proving the performance of its mandated functions, the PCG continues to ensure than an efficient and effective finance and logistics sytem is in place to support the various roles it has to perform in a rapidly changing maritime envinronment. A carefully planned, developed and periodecally reviewed and analyzed logistic support sytem is needed to ensure that field operating units, units afloat and air assets strategically deployed and positioned nationwide are promptly and sufficiently supported in their operational  and material requirements. The logistics support system must encompass the entirely of PCG operations from prevention, mitigation, and preparedness, up to response and rehabilitation. To achieve this, the following priorities are put in place: