Finance and logisticts are the very lifeblood of any operation. Without a good finance and logistics support system, to conduct of promt and sustained Coast Guard operations will not be possible. With the end view of proving the performance of its mandated functions, the PCG continues to ensure than an efficient and effective finance and logistics sytem is in place to support the various roles it has to perform in a rapidly changing maritime envinronment. A carefully planned, developed and periodecally reviewed and analyzed logistic support sytem is needed to ensure that field operating units, units afloat and air assets strategically deployed and positioned nationwide are promptly and sufficiently supported in their operational  and material requirements. The logistics support system must encompass the entirely of PCG operations from prevention, mitigation, and preparedness, up to response and rehabilitation. To achieve this, the following priorities are put in place:

Logistics support is focused towards the timely and cost-effective delivery of supplies, materials, equipment and services to PCG units and personnel.

Basic support systems and facilities are continuosly established and or maintained in support of the PCG Deployment Program.

Mobility assets are maintained and operated through credible maintenance and repair program.

Economic measures are observed in all logistical activities through the timely procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and services, energy conversation measures and other cost-cutting initiatives.

Information technology equipment and systems are upgraded for improved logistics and financial management in support of PCG operations.

The thrusts of the financial service or component of the organization are geared towards the following areas:

Continuing conduct of activities to accomplish the PCG mission such as:

I. Promotion of maritime safety and security.

II. Effective conduct of search and rescue

III. Enhanced protection of the marine environment