The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is a unique agency because of it multi-mission character as a humanitarian armed service under the Department of Transporation and Communications (DOTC) Said character is more relevant with the current advancement in maritime transportation, the increasing demand for the sea transport and marince resources and the rising maritime security threats. It is therefore necessary that the PCG, being a 24/7 service-oriented organization must effectively understand anything associated with the country’s maritime domain that could impact the security, safety and environment-Awareness.

Taking into consideration the current situation in the maritime environment, the PCG faces major challenges in executing its responsibilities and must leverage the capabilities of its operating units-vis-avis the limited resources. The PCG must need this clarion call to be prepared at all times to deal with maritime crisis situations brought by natural and manmade factors.

To meet these challenges and vulnerabilities in the maritime environment, the Command has vigorously pursued the following proactive measures: Creation of a Coast Guard Deployable Response Group (CGDRG)

Time and again the PCG is faced with maritime incidents brought by natural and man-made disasters which cause public anxiety, loss of lives and destruction of property. Oftentimes, maritime incident involves different evolutions such as Search and Rescue (SAR), Oil Spill Response, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Maritime Security Operations. Such as efforts should be integrated under the principle of unity of command for economy of force. If situation warrants, a PCGA unit/s or members shall be integrated as a part of the group that will be dispatched in the operational area.

This is a Task Force type unit named as “Coast Guard Deployable Response Group” CGDRG. The unit will be directly under the Commandant, PCG who shall exercise strategic direction and control. Once there is actual or impending maritime crisis in a particular operational area, it will be directed to respond to the emergency situation and will be placed OPCON to the District Commander. They may be further placed under the On-Scene-Commander.

Creation of Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team (SMART). The SMART members includes emergency physicians, nurses, medical and other emergency support staff which will be dispatched to provide advanced emergency medical assistance. The following are typical activities: provide on-scene triage; advanced/special patient care; on-scene medical direction during unusual incidents.

Cooperation with other Government Agencies. The PCG through the CG Anti-Terrorist Unit of Coast Guard Special Operations Group (CGSOG) is providing personnel on standby ready for tactical deployment upon request of the Bureau of Customs (BOC); National Counter-Terrorism Group (NACTAG), Presidential Security Group (PSG), Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).