Capacity Building Measures

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has embarked on a modest acquisition, equipment maintenance and infrastracture development program to be able to meet its mission requirements. The Coast Guard will continue to use lessone learned from previous operations, address the present challenges, and adapt to the changing needs in the maritime environment to be able to sustaine its longstanding service to our maritime nation.

Operationg Environment Awareness

Coast Guard operating units must always be on top of the situation concerning maritime activities or incidents that occur or may arise within their respective areas of responsibilities. By having a total group of situations within respective AORs, Coast Guard operating units will be able to effectively prevent, prepare or response to maritime incidents.

Aggressive Training and Recruitment

The Coast guard has embarked on aggressive recruitment and education, training enhancement programs to better position itself as the principal provider of competent and professional personnel to a rapidly growing organization.

Strategic Development and Visibility

The PCG is also strengthening its operational capabilities for sustained strategic and rapid deployment and employment of Coast Guard assets shall be governed by the guiding principles of unity of command and effort, span of control, inter agency cooperation and inter operability with the other maritime services, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary and other cognizant agencies.

Total Vigilance and Preparedness

A newer and more significant definition on vigilance has now evolved for the PCG to refer to its capacity to foresee and prepare for conditions which may affect the safety and security of sea transport and the protection of the marine environment.

Growth in Service and Support Systems

The deployment of sea and air assets will be matched by the provision for service facilities and support systems. Ship deployments will be supported by the availability of ample berthing space shore power and rewatering facilities, and other service amenities.

Unity of Action through Partnerships

As a duly-established and recognized leader in the conduct of maritime operations and coordination, the PCG is expanding its network of cooperation and partnerships with the other maritime services, governement agencies, local government units, the PCGA, NGOs, industry associations, private sector and international partners to achieve common interests and objectives, MOAs were forged with PASG, BUCUS, PDEA, EMB, BFAR, SBMA, LTO, and PPA, among others.

Accountable Finance and Logistics Systems

The logistics support system must encompass the entirety of PCG operations from prevention and preparedness to response and recovery phases

Responsible Maritime Governance

Value formation, sound work ethics and a healthy working relationship with interagency partners, local government units, and the maritime community are all inherent part of the program involving modest budget allocations and rigid fiscal and accounting regulations.

Development of Doctrines and Maritime Regimes

The transfer of the Coast Guard to the DOTC a decade ago created the necessity for the organization to formulate its own doctrines suited to the unique mission and character of the PCG. As a uniformed and disciplined organization, there are inevitable similarities in strategies and approaches between the PCG and the Armed Forces, the Philippine Navy in particular.

As a member of the maritime cluster, it is therefore imperative for the PCG to have its Coast Guard Law passed so that it can contribute to the regime creation with a deep sense of credibility, authority and responsibility. In the process of active anticipation, the PCG must harness its capacity and confidence to assure not only our legislators at the House of Representatives and the Senates but also the general public that it deserves greater recognition for its role as the country’s maritime guardians.

Indeed, our maritime country needs strong maritime services.

With the PCG bill now on its 3rd reading at the Senate, there is so much after PCG Law will pave the way for the much needed PCG modernizations.