The Philippine Coast Guard undertakes regular activities which are covered within the co-operational frameworks with other countries. These activities range from capability building measures, regular dialogues, information exchange, communication excercises, seminars, workshops and conduct of actual bilateral/multilateral exercises. Moreover these activities primarily cover the PCG’s functional areas which are similar to maritime agencies with other countries.

IMO Councils, Sessions and Assembly. The PCG has been consistently sending representatives to attend IMO meetings. The agency’s participation not only lends support to the Philippine delegation as a whole but likewise afford us with the chance to enhance technical knowledge and widen cooperation opportunities with other international stakeholders of the maritime community. All these efforts are consistent with our desire to continuously upgrade the PCG’s capability and effectively accomplish our mandated tasks.

Border Patrol, SAR and Marine Pollution Exercises. These annual activities continue to gain grounds for mutual understanding between the PCG and other foreign maritime agencies. These activities serve as a forum for maritime agencies to agree on common sets of action in eradicating maritime violators as well as respond to maritime disasters. It enhances the interoperability of available assets in combined operations.

            The ReCAAP is the first government-to-government agreement that addresses the incidence of piracy and armed robbery in Asia. The ReCAAP initiative aims to enhance multilateral cooperation among the sixteen regional countries including the Republic of the Philippines. The agreement was finalized on 11 November 2004 in Tokyo,Japan, and came into force on 04 September 2006. A PCG officer is on secondment at the ReCAAP-ISC in Singapore which opened opportunities for PCG officers for foreign post.

Head of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting. The Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting is an annual event undertaken among the Coast Guard Agencies in the Asian-Region to promote cooperation and collaboration in responding to challenges affecting their respective national and regional maritime domain. It is also an excellent avenue where emerging coast guard agencies can be provided with the essential best practices that may aid in the formulation of responsive administrative and operational doctrines for their own organizations.


            Aside from these meetings and conferences, PCG officers and Enlisted Personnel are also given opportunities for education and training at the World Maritime University in Malmoe Sweden, the International Maritime Law Institute in Malta Italy, the Dalhousie University in Halifax Canada, and the National Taiwan Ocean University in Taiwan, as well as JICA sponsored training in Japan.

Asia Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies Forum. The Asia Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies Forum (APHoMSA) was established in 1996 to foster and promote multilateral efforts to improve maritime safety, security and environmental protection in the Asia Pacific Region and has since then been regularly attended by the PCG Commandant. The APHoMSA is an annual event attended by 27 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, two regional organizations and two inter-governmental organizations with the responsibilities for maritime safety and protection of the marine environment. The PCG Commandant was appointed as the Vice-Chair for this years’s APHoMSA in preparation for the PCG’s hosting of the 11th APHoMSA forum to be held in Manila 2010.