The absence of major accidents and major effects of disasters are clear manifestations of vigilance and preparedness. It is in this context that Coast Guard District Central Eastern Visayas, under the helm of COMMO ROLANDO M DIZON PCG has successfully pursued mandated functions to accomplish the PCG mission. To date, the District has embarked sustained, aggressive and proactive moves in the enforcement of Maritime Safety, Security and Environmental Protection. It had effectively and efficiently provided Search and Rescue services to seafarers in the AOR with the available resources at her disposal.

With the District resources, even in adverse weather condition, response has been achieved by partnership with all stakeholders, and inculcating the culture of social responsibility on the seagoing community.

This culture has been proven on several occasions to be effective and efficient since, in areas where response is limited, the seagoing community is always available to provide the services needed in saving lives and property threatened at sea.

The conduct of sustained Maritime Safety and Security operations in our ports and maritime jurisdiction have resulted to negative safety/security incidents. Attempts were made to use our maritime ports and facilities for illegal activities but failed resulting to the interception/confiscation of explosives, illegal drugs and other contrabands in our AOR.

On Search and Rescue response, CGDCEV has performed well as gleaned from the almost negative fatality to victims. Our ever ready and dynamic units in the area have shown their vigilance, initiative and responsiveness, a manifestation of courage, discipline and a true Coastguardian ready to sacrifice even his own life in saving lives and property.

For Maritime Safety, CGDCEV has maintained an average of 95 percent operational efficiency of its Lighthouse Stations and Lighted Buoys. These have contributed much for the safe transit of vessels in our maritime jurisdiction. The District is targeting a 100 percent operational efficiency of our Aids to Navigation in the present safety function activities. To date we have already requested for the conduct of ATON and Buoy laying operations to restore those that have been displaced and installation of additional new Lighted Buoys particularly those along Cebu Channel to enhance safe passage due to the volume of maritime traffic in the area. Further, we are undertaking remedial actions/projects/activities as effective aids to navigation.

Protection and Preservation of our Marine Environment have been done by the District with more enthusiasm. For the period, sustained enforcement, response and public information activities on maritime preservation and protection were given greater attention and the MEPGRU-CEV has led in almost all maritime environmental protection activities. This could well be illustrated by our immediate, efficient and effective response during possible oil spill incidents in the Maritime environment resulting to the prevention of these incidents in the AOR.

In response to the PCG capability/infrastructure development thrust, CGDCEV has embarked on development projects to upgrade the PCG capability/working condition, image and uplift the morale and welfare condition of our personnel. Infrastructure development projects have been undertaken completing about Twenty Five (25) projects, categorized as renovation, repair, repainting and construction of buildings/facilities within our AOR.

By and large, with the modest accomplishment, CGDCEV could humbly say that we have projected and made the Philippine Coast Guard relevant in this part of the country and we have accomplished our mission in having “SAFE AND CLEANER SEAS.”