“Upkeep of training facilities and technical structures indicate the level of discipline and competence of the organization.:”

For many years, the Philippine Coast Guard manage to do without the benefits of a modern facility and infrastructure. It had content itself with  the remnants of its past affiliation and few improvements to sustain its operations and functions. The rising stature and role of the PCG in the vastly archipelagic nation reawakened anew the desire of the current PCG leadership to take drastic steps towards modernization. The maritime tragedies besieging the country, as well as the need for an able workforce to confront the task triggered the necessity to at least upgrade the training facilities ad infrastructures to cope with the perennial problem. It was thus the fervent wish of the men and woman of the Philippine Coast Guard that a visionary leader from this fold would emerge to bring about this change of radically lead the organization into another level.

With the ascendancy of ADM TAMAYOP CG at the helm, a visionary leader that he is, radical change in the organization became inevitable. During his first months in office, large-scale construction of infrastructure and renovation of the training facility topped the list. As shown for the table, he recognized the necessity of a well equipped facility and infrastructure as means to deliver not just the services but a necessary support for Coast Guard operation and functions. Upkeep of training facilities and technical structures indicate the level of discipline and competence of the organization. Despite the economic crisis that struck the world by surprise and our nation in particular, the Philippines coast guard with its meager budget tried its beat to minimize the impact of the crisis by employing frugality in its spending without jeopardizing the infrastructure project already propose and initiated. Unnecessary procurements were reduced and diminished to lighten up government  spending, yet to the resilient leadership of the commandant, the organization still managed to deliver exemplary services to the public and maritime sector.

The commandant never allowed the economic crisis as reason to disable its operation and hamper the smooth flow of its basic services  for the maritime clientele. While the vision to upgrade the facilities of the command appeared to be a logistic nightmare in the face of prevailing economic condition, the PCG still manage to pull through it all and undertake several repairs starting off the training facility particularly those which required urgent rehabilitation to accommodate more trainees and make it more convenient and conducive for training. The procurement system stretch all available means to ensure that all this infrastructural project undertaken by the command would materialize.

 Such developments could nit have been made possible had it not for the joint efforts and good managerial skills of the commandant,  in cooperation of the major staff units of the organization. Plotting of the detailed plans and oversight on the various construction project were carried out carefully to ensure a positive outcome. One of the major projects that PCG has accomplished this year is the establishment of the coast guard base taguig which serves as a transmiting station and training facility fir PCG trainees. The other one is the coast guard K9 facility which serves as the shelter for K9 unit personnel and bomb/drug sniffing canine.

The coast guard base taguig training facility now enjoys and offers  a wide range of quality training facilities for its trainees with its newly renovated/reconstructed barracks, audio-visual classrooms  galley, and segregated male and female comfort rooms and lavatories. The following  are the various repair projects undertaken and done at the coast guard base taguig:


  1. Additional requirements for site preparation of taguig station
  2. Repair of officers and UP’s transient quarter, mess hall, galley, classroom, CGWEISS bodega,k9 office and barracks
  3. Repair and trainee barracks, SAO Warehouse, smart office MEPCOM equipment facility, kennel and vet office
  4. Repair of CGMC female head, main feeder lines ,concrete encasement and handhold
  5. Proposed CGK9 facilities at coast guard support base taguig
  6. Proposed two new overhead water tank (concrete platform)
  7. Additional works for bldg.1&2 (office and EP’s transient quarters)
  8. Additional works for bldg. 4,6 & 7 (SAO warehouse/disposal and smart office, trainee barracks and PEMCOM quality facility)
  9. Proposed CG base taguig disposal/storage building
  10. Repair of existing overhead steel water tank platform
  11. Coast guard k9 operation center
  12. Procurement of air-conditioning unit at coast guard base taguig
  13. Gutter and fascia board
  14. CGMC female head at CG base taguig
  15. CGOC male/female head, flagpole, steel gate, sign board, guard house 1&2
  16. Aircon power system( CGETC annex mess hall and classroom bldg.)
  17. Repainting of main bldg. and power house
  18. Concreting of existing gravel access road and concreting new road works
  19. Repair of base support group of CGBT

The newly renovated coast guards operations office, the coast guard command center have now become accessible, more convenient and conductive for operational tasks while the command staff conference which serves  as venue of meeting/conferences, was likewise refurbished complete with air-conditioning units and  multimedia equipment. Similarly, new electrical wiring were also installed and the electrical capacity requirement if the coast guard medical service and MEPCOM was upgraded to prevent fire hazards. The electrical system of the second floor of the flag office building was likewise repaired while the interior motif of the commandants office where local and foreign guest pays their courtesy call was refurbished. However, the court room utilized by the command for BMI hearings and court marshal proceeding suffered a dilapidated  ceiling caused by termites. It still needs major repair to make it more presentable. Other staff offices have already  carried out their respective  office repairs and redecorations such as the coast guard public information office and coast guard finance center . listed below are the on going repairs conducted at HPCG and CGBP offices:


  1. Repair of BMI hearing room
  2. Repair/ renovation of HPCG conference room
  3. Repair, renovation and painting of CGPIO office
  4. Repair, renovation and painting of CG finance center office
  5. Repair of library and computer laboratory of CGBT
  6. Repair of arch and gate at CGBT
  7. Installation of main feeder no. 2 (supply library IT building and other proposed building)

In addition, there are repair and rehabilitation proposals that need to carried out in the offices within the headquarters Philippine coast guard   such as the following:


  1. Repair of ceiling and roofing staff bldg.
  2. Proposed repair of 2nd floor staff bldg.-flooring
  3. Renovation of office of FMCPO
  4. Proposed extension of HPCG pathway
  5. Renovation of new office of CGIAS

Lastly, the command has embarked on a major undertaking to improve the necessary facilities of the organization to increase its efficiency and services and to ensure its accomplishment. These infrastructures indubitably play a significant role in the effective discharge of the PCG mandates. With the leadership of our dynamic commandant and the concerted effort of everyone involved, breakthrough the radical reforms such as  these bring about the desired change the PCG really needs.